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Terms and Conditions of Use of services of online Shima Shop                                                                                                      
Dear user, please carefully consider the following for optimal use of our online store services.                                                                                                
Entering users to the Web Store and ordering a product at any time means accepting all the terms and conditions of the online store by the user.                                                                                      
General Rules:                                                                                                                
Note that all principles and procedures of the Shima Shoes Online Store are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, e-commerce law and consumer protection law, and subsequently the user is also bound to comply with rules related to the users. If the rules, procedures and services provided by the online store are subject to future changes, they will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site means accepting any change.                
Definition of customer or user:                                                                                                            
A customer or user means any person who, with the user's information contained in the registration form, orders products or use any of Shima Shoes online store services.                                                                                
Electronic communication:                                                                                                              
When you use Shima Shoes online store service, you register or purchase your online order or email it to the Shima Shoes online store, these communications are done electronically, and if your request is in accordance with all principles and procedures, you agree that Shima Shoes online store will respond electronically (via e-mail, SMS service) to your request.                                          
Note that 02154814 is the only number that Shama Shoes online store sends SMS (Short message) to its users and customers. Therefore, sending any SMS under the name of Shima Shoes online store, with any other number, is the abuse and misuse of the name of Shima Shoes online store. If you receive such a text message, please inform to follow it up legally. Also, 02154814 is a text message system that informs users about the status of the order processing of Shima Shoes online shop and allows you to send messages via this number.
Privacy Policy                                                                                                                
Shima Shoes online store respects the privacy of individuals who use the site services and protects them                                                                                              
Shima Shoes online store is committed to protect your privacy as much as possible, and in this regard, develops the technology needed to make your use of the site more secure and safer. In fact, by using the Shima Shoes online store site, you illustrate your satisfaction with this the policy of this site.                                                      
All content available through any oShima Shoes nline store service such as logos, trademarks, text, descriptions, graphics, images and copyrights, data, and all content produced by Shima Shoes online store are considered to be part of the Shima Shoes online store property. And the right to use and publish all available content is exclusive to the Sima Shoes Online Store and any use without written permission is subject to prosecution by online shopping                      
Registration, processing and ordering:                                                                                                            
The working day means Saturday to Thursday, every week, except for public holidays in Iran, and all registered orders are processed during the working days and the first day after the holidays                                                                            
The Shima Shoes Online Store allows its customers to order products during seven days a week and 24 hours a day, but from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm of working days, it is possible to answer and track orders and submit them.                                                                      
All orders registered on the Shima Shoes Online store site will be processed in the queue by sending the order code via SMS and pro forma invoice via email. Shima Shoes online store will always send and deliver all registered orders by ultimate precision and effort. However, if the inventory of the product in the online shop ends, even after the customer's order is made, the right to cancel the order or the refund of the order price for Shima Shoes online store is reserved, or the customer can replace another product for the prodict that has been already ordered.   
        The Shima Shoes Online Store is allowed to stop ordering and selling, without prior notification, and all registered orders before termination of selling and ordering will be processed and sent to customers. The right to suspend the sale of all or part of the products for any reason, such as the finished inventory without prior notice, is reserved for Shima Shoes online store.                                        
Shima Shoes is allowed to stop ordering and selling, without prior notification, and all registered orders before termination of selling and ordering will be processed and sent to customers. The right to suspend the sale of all or part of the products for any reason, such as the finished inventory without prior notice, is reserved for Shima Shoes                                              
        In the event of any error regarding the inclusion of the price and Rial value of the goods sold on the Shima Shoes site, the right to cancel the order and purchase made by the customer is reserved for the Shima Shoes. Shima Shoes will immediately return the money received from the customer to the account declared by the customer and the customer is aware of this fact when entering the site and will have no claim in this regard.                           
Users must complete the order form with correct and complete information when ordering their item. Obviously, if an incomplete or inaccurate information is entered, the order of the user cannot be tracked and delivered. Therefore, the insertion of the address, email, and fixed and mobile contact numbers is confirmed by the customer, and if these items are not correctly or fully inserted, Shima Shoes may request additional information from the customer in order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of order registration. Also, customers can enter the name, address and telephone of another person for delivery, and if the price of order is prepaid, the receiver must have an identification card when receiving the product
The address where the buyer registers or selects as the delivery address will be included in the invoice, and it will be necessary for the invoice requesters to consider the name of the legal entity when registering the order, because the change of the address entered on the invoice after processing and confirming the order will not be possible at all                                              
After the final confirmation and payment, the ordered product will be delivered from 1 to 3 working days.                                                                                              
There is no possibility to pay at the place for orders shipped or orders which cost more than thirty million Rials, and it is necessary to settle the amount of such orders by bank deposit through bank card or internet payment before sending the product.                                                                
In the event of a problem with the final processing of the shopping basket, such as the finished inventory or the withdrawal of the customer, the received amount will be returned to the customer account within 24 to 48 working hours                                                                    
Delivering orders in public places such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, and the like is not possible and the delivery address must be accurate and referable..                                                                                    
It should be noted that adding a product to the shopping basket does not mean reservation of the product and does not create any rights for customers. Also, before the final registration, any changes, including changes in inventory or price, will be applied to the item added to the shopping basket. Therefore, it is recommended to the customers who are willing and determined to buy definitively, to finalize their order as soon as possible so that they do not face inventory or price change. It is worth noting that the order is only finalized when users receive their shopping basket code and it is clear that Shima Shoes has no responsibility whatsoever for the items left in the shopping basket.
In line with customer satisfaction, Shima Shoes makes this possible that Products above 100,000 Rials, if not be used, be replaced after 48 hours in Shima Shoes branches.                                                                                
Warranty Terms                                                                                                                
Products with a 6-month warranty of Shima Shoe include Shoes sole                                                                                                    
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