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When Haj Mirza Ali Akbar Arab started manufacturing shoes in his shop from the year 1926, nobody thought that, for three next generations, he would search his future in one of the largest Iranian footwear factories in the past history of Haj Mirza Ali Akbar. This job was followed up to three next generations and is now taking a step in the globalization of its brand. Haj Mirza Ali Akbar Arab was born in Tehran's Khorasan Avenue as one of the oldest streets in the city. His powerful hands in the production of shoes and his innocent eyes were an introduction for a great future. When his son, Haj Sadegh Arab, was born and followed his father’s job in not too distant future, the second generation of the Arab family also started the activity in shoe business and selling shoes. The third generation of the Arab family, with the birth of Muhammad Arab, was an important step in the shoe industry. Mohammed Arabs was born in 1960 and began his work in 1979 with shoes. He continued this job until 1983. In 1985 the sparks of the brand Shima were created in the Arab family. A small workshop with a machine and two workers was launched at the same place where now their main factory is located. Mohammed Arab's efforts and the fame of Haj Sadegh paved the way for the first successes. The first set made by this workshop were the Munich Linen Workshop. This elementary workshop later expanded its machines to seven machines, producing ten thousand pairs of shoes each day. Constant effort, and a commitment to new technologies contributed to the emergence of Shima brand in the Iranian shoes world after a short while.